Solar DIY – More Affordable Than You Might Think

Truth is, solar DIY is a feasible way of harnessing an inexpensive resource to avoid having to pay for electricity and other electrical waste. However, some people are skeptical about the effectiveness and cost savings that solar energy can give in the long term.

I personally am both an investor and do-it-yourselfer myself. My initial response to the cost savings of solar DIY was rather discouraging. To be honest, at the beginning, I was using some knowledge to do some investigation.

After many trial and error projects, I discovered that Solar DIY is inexpensive and can be easily built by virtually anyone like myself. My first project was a portable solar hot water heater.

The portable solar hot water heater is easy to build using low cost ” expended materials”. My day of construction was from recycled 2″x4″ boards from Home Depot. They are usually about $3.70 per board, which turned out to be about $18 for the total cost of my first project.

The construction process using solar DIY was quite straightforward and is a portable solar hot water heater that can be used anywhere in the world. It is easy to set up. I just placed two water tank supports on pegs in my yard, focused some sunlight on them and filled the tank with water.

That’s it! The only thing that I had to worry about was running out of water. After about 6 months of hot water without limits, I first saved about 10% or 30% on my hydro bill. After a while, I got hooked on the convenience, value and environmental aspects of free green energy.

Now, I teach people DIY (Do It Yourself) solar projects using solar DIY. This has been a fun way for me to get the benefits of free energy and to get to share what I have learned about renewable energy with other people. The benefits of solar DIY for me are so that I can use many of these projects that I’ve learned.

On average, I have been able to save at least 40% on my electrical bill, depending on how many appliances or devices are running at any given time. And if you have enough solar DIY projects to harness enough energy for your house, you can break even. There are even people who have completely stopped using their power companies.

A lot of solar DIY projects require you to use a material like solar cells, plus what you’ll be quoted for maintenance, shopping for screws and basic construction skills. The cost for construction can be as low as $100. Solar DIY projects can greatly benefit the environment and are a great way to create a start to getting off the grid (or at least reducing your reliance on the grid).

It’s safe to say that solar DIY projects are one of the techniques that will be most helpful to the environment over the long term. Solar energy is cost-effective and available to everyone in the long run. By creating a better model for energy usage, we can harness sources that can provide us with clean energy for a long time.

To make your own solar DIY projects, it’s even possible that you can sell your excess energy first to your power company.

Make sure you start as soon as possible to avoid taking a while to learn. Maintenance issues can be swift to implement and have a longer investment payback period.

Solar DIY projects are one of the best ways to improve your home while saving money.